Solar Powered Micro Grid Systems

Solar Powered Micro Grid Systems

Sun-In-One™ has engineered a “containerized” off-grid energy system that eliminates expensive on-site installation and wiring of the major components associated with converting solar energy into usable electricity. The customized containers with the inverters, disconnects, and switch gear come pre-wired and pre-tested. These containers come ready to install and put into use, and require only a few auxiliary wires to connect them to the system, essentially making it a “plug and play” system.

Our expertise spans over 1 Gigawatt of energy production throughout the US and the world. This includes one of the largest 100% Solar Micro Grids in the world, located on Annobon Island, EG. This system includes 5 Megawatts of solar power and 10 Megawatts of storage.

U.S. Specified Grids
Power Potential Solar Size Inverter Battery Storage Diesel Generator Spec Sheet
100 kW 100 kW 100 kW 293 kWh 100 kW / 125 KVA Link
250 kW 250 kW 250 kW 733 kWh 200 kW / 250 KVA Link
500 kW 501 kW 502 kW 1466 kWh 500 kW / 550 KVA Link
1 MW 1 MW 1 MW 2932 kWh 1 MW / 1250 KVA Link
5 MW 5 MW 5 MW 14660 kWh (2) 2000 kW / 2500 KVA Link
International Specified Grids
100 kW 100 kW 100 kW 293 kWh 90 kW / 115 KVA Link
250 kW 250 kW 250 kW 733 kWh 180 kW / 225 KVA Link
500 kW 501 kW 502 kW 1466 kWh Link
1 MW 1 MW 1 MW 2932 kWh  791 kW / 1000 KVA Link
5 MW 5 MW 5 MW 14660 kWh Link

Solar Photovoltaics – renewable energy powers the grid, keeping minimal operation costs

Energy Storage – battery storage is used to enhance stability and efficiency of micro grids

Generators – highly efficient diesel generators provide backup power only when necessary

Control System – centralized control system that manages the load flow within the power network

Containerized System – weatherproof containers keep system highly scalable and deployment costs low


– Reduces reliance on fossil fuels

– Fast installation of electricity supply

– Reinforce or extend the current infrastructure

– Grid stabilizing technology

– Turnkey product ensures simplicity

What is a Micro Grid?

Micro grids are autonomous grids that operate either in parallel to, or “islanded” from, existing utility power grids. Micro grids use distributed renewable energy that act like small power plants near the buildings, villages, or islands they supply – not hundreds of miles away like large, centralized power plants. This means that these grids experience less “line loss”, or loss of electrical power over distance. Micro grids also remove the need to construct vast amounts of infrastructure just to deliver power. Instead, a micro grid ranging from 1.0 kW to 50 MW in size can be deployed or installed almost anywhere.

Why install a Sun-In-One™ Micro Grid?

Sun-In-One’s Micro Grids are an economic alternative wherever a reliable stand-alone power grid is necessary due to geography, infrastructure, or security of supply. Our system’s modular design makes it perfect for situations with sensitive timetables while eliminating expensive on-site installation costs. This design also makes the grids completely scalable, allowing additional components to be integrated into the system at any time, step by step, according to the energy demand.

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